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Judith Spancken

Professional Climbing Coaching, Instructing & Guiding


My name is Judith (Jude) Spancken. I am a qualified rock climbing instructor and coach based in France. I teach in English, German and French.

My approach to teaching climbing focuses on the process of learning and nourishing a deeper understanding of our body in motion. I believe in the importance of quality of movement in order to climb well, efficient and free of injury. This philosophy lies at the heart of my climbing coaching. 

Whether you are just starting out, looking to evolve and flourish or whether you have climbed for many years and you feel ready for a set of trained eyes to help you discover new insights to your climbing, I am looking forward to working with you.

“Coaching from Jude is fantastic. She sees things that others don’t. Her focus on how to move better really makes a difference. I wanted to red point harder than I ever had while on her course. It didn’t happen. But it did the next month, and several more times since. Worth every euro !! “

 (Stuart MacDonald, Oct 2021)

 Along with three other IFMGA Mountain Guides we did a two day course based in the Arve and Chamonix Valleys, this was part of our CPD (Continued Professional Development) 

The pre course information was superb and the pre course questionnaire made it obvious that Jude really cared about each individual getting as much out of the course as possible. 

Most of us have been rock climbing for over 30 years but straight away Jude made us think in a completely different way about how we climb and the insight into movement skills was incredibly beneficial. 

Jude is instantly friendly, patient, professional and has an endless passion for rock climbing at any level. 

Her calm friendly teaching style makes you feel very relaxed, an excellent learning environment. 

I would recommend everyone from beginners to 8b climbers to do a course with Jude, the gains in your rock climbing will be huge and it will be great fun !  “

(Jonny Baird; IFMGA Mountain Guide; November 2021)

Judith's insight and coaching was truly exceptional. Her teachings address climbing holistically, not just focusing on strength or fear, but investigating and exploring technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects that provide a well rounded plan for success.  I have worked with many climbing coaches over the years and Judith is the absolute best I have ever worked with.  If you have climbing goals at any level, are feeling stuck in your progress, or want to experience climbing at your best and with love for the sport, Judith is absolutely the right fit for you."   

(Anyssa, Nov 2021)

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