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Today Jude feels grateful to be in a position to pass on her knowledge and experience to those who are seeking to not only improve and broaden their skill base but to also find increased balance, flow and a deeper enjoyment in climbing. 


Jude has held the French National Climbing Instructor and Coaching diploma (Brévet d’État Moniteur d’escalade)  since 2012 and qualified as a Climbing Athletic Coach (Kletterathletik Trainer with the 'Balance Schmiede, Germany) in 2017.


Read below what Jude has to say about her ongoing joy and love for rock climbing:

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Jude was introduced to rock climbing 24 years ago on the sea cliffs of the UK and ever since that first day, climbing has been a steady and reliable companion in her life, guiding choices of lifestyle, work and home base. She has climbed extensively in the UK, Europe and world wide, embracing trad, sport, big walls, alpine, ice and boulders and has been on remote exploratory climbing expeditions with new routing to Alaska, Greenland and Algeria. Jude has on-sighted up to British E6 and French 7c sport and red pointed up to 8b. With her constant curiosity of how to move more efficiently and how to bring mind and body into harmony on rock it is to no surprise that teaching climbing was a natural development to Judes evolution in rock climbing. 

“ If I was to describe what it is about rock climbing that has guided and enriched me for the last 24 years, I would say it is, amongst many other aspects, the mind body connection climbing has offered me more than any other sport that I have practised. Climbing has the potential to bring us home within, to centre and to learn about ourselves, our environment and about human relationships.


Furthermore climbing is an activity which provides challenges on every level. Movement, mind, tactics, coordination and physical conditioning combined with risk assessment and safety skills all play their key roles at various stages of our climbing journey. Learning the art to develop an awareness and balance amongst them all is a constant process that requires an attentive, open and curious mind. 


It is this joyous game of finding balance, literally on the rock but also within myself and in life through rock climbing that seems to endlessly captivate and hold my interest in climbing no matter what grade or rock type I am on"

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