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Some Words On My Teaching

I believe in the importance of quality of movement and body mind connection awareness in order to climb well, efficient and free of injury. Understanding of how our mind can interfere with or support quality of movement plays a key role in finding that special magic on rock, often called flow. With a sense of how to initiate this quality from within ourselves comes a real joy to climbing.


Evolving as a climber however does require becoming aware of and practising all aspects of rock climbing. Working together we will be exploring technique, mental and tactical skills as well as any physical factors that need to be addressed in your individual progress as a climber. 

Climbing is also an activity that entails serious risks. Learning the essential skills linked to safety plays a huge part in the initial learning phase of any climbing style. I will also always go back to safety aspects with you (whether that is use of equipment, rope work, risk awareness or other)  if I feel like these are not wired or performed as well as they could, even if you hired me as a coach and not as an instructor. 


Please see below for further details and  feel free to follow my social media for news on future workshops and courses as well as climbing related articles and thoughts I like to share. 


Instructing & Guiding

  • Are you just starting out or are you looking for an introduction to lead climbing?

  • Are you looking to make the move from indoor climbing  to outdoor sport climbing ?

  • Are you looking for an introduction to multi pitch sport climbing ?

  • Are you already an experienced climber looking for guidance on how to improve your movement, mental, tactical and physical climbing skills?

  • Do you have some basic climbing experience and are looking for a rock guide for a multi pitch experience ?


Performance Coaching

Performance climbing coaching implies that you are already a self sufficient climber fully familiar with personal safety and belaying techniques. We will be looking at your climbing  from technique, mental, tactical and physical perspectives. I also offer remote coaching. However I would always advice meeting in person for at least the first session. Quality of movement is vital in climbing and whilst we can work with video analysis via remote coaching nothing can replace an initial real life exploration in order to get a feel for what goes on on a more subtle level in your movement patterns and habits.

Ratios & Locations 


I offer private instruction and coaching on a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio or take bookings for small groups (minimum 4 - maximum 6 people) and I take bookings from 1 day up to one 1 week depending on location and availability. 

I can highly recommend private 1:2 ratio instructing and coaching as this creates the scenario you will be confronted with once you walk away from my coaching session i.e you will be climbing with a climbing partner without having me holding your rope. Maybe you have a partner or climbing partner/friend who is equally interested in investing into their learning ?

I live and work in the South of France close to the small town Millau. You may have heard of the Gorge du Tarn, Gorge de la Jonte and Gorge de la Dourbie, all magnificent climbing areas providing single and multi pitch climbing of all levels. 

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